May cause dizziness, sexual nightmares, and sleep crime



This is without a doubt the best thing I’ve seen all year. Hilarious.

Eric Kelly of the Church Street Boxing Gym has a unique approach to training his clients–or as he calls them, “miscreants.” To help them perfect their boxing technique, Eric subjects them to a barrage of verbal abuse, insults, and public degradation.

Why? Because it makes them tougher. That’s why.

Jordan vs. LeBron – Never Thought About it This Way

Blind Surfer Can Shred!!!

What Jeremy Lin Thinks When He Plays Basketball

I Always Wondered What a Snowmobile Crash Would Look Like if The Rider Missed Their Grab

Nasty Ball Boy Catch in Federer vs Nadal Match

This is How You Ride the Bench

Golf Cart Goes Rogue, Takes Out Tons of People After NFL Game

Lamar Odom With The Nastiest Shamgod I Have Ever Seen


DB Makes Mark Sanchez Flinch and Get False Start Penalty

He jumped back like he was about to get beat up. Kilt em.

Shaq Breaks Jordan Down

:D :D :D

So THAT’S What ESPN Stands For

High School Kids Kicks 64 Yard Field Goal

He could have nailed that from 70 yards!!

MINDBLOWING UCI World Championship Winning Mountainbike Run by Danny Hart


Surfing Giant Waves in Slo-Mo

Tahiti is home to the powerful Teahupoo waves, which is exactly where these daring surfers went to get their surf on.

Shaq Retired.

Quite possibly the most physically dominating force the NBA has ever seen.

Best Trick Play of All-Time?

I would love to see someone try this in the NFL. Dallas has nothing to lose, why not?

Crazy Penalty Kick

Gravity is a real bitch sometimes.

Fan Almost Falls Off Upper Deck

I guess baseball players weren’t the only ones taking steroids in those days.

my gramps could run browe.

Josy Barthel of Luxembourg weeps for joy during the playing of his national anthem as he stands on the winner’s rostrum after winning the 1500 metres Olympic final in Helsinki, Finland. Robert McMillen of the USA, right, came second and Werner Lueg of Germany came third. It was the first time the Luxembourg anthem was played at the Olympics. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)




the baddest….


Bulls Eye