May cause dizziness, sexual nightmares, and sleep crime

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This is why you’re fat

Cheese Pizza
Baconator from Wendy’s
Wendy’s french fries
6 Chicken McNuggets
Popcorn Chicken from KFC
Big Mac from McDonalds
Crunch wrap supreme
+  Onion rings from A&W

5,210 calories and 286g fat



What day? It’s Friday

Best of…

NEVER rock climb when you’re hungover.

Friends help move couches, real friends help move bodies, Canadian friends help get your knee unstuck as you dry heave and shit yourself while rock climbing hungover

Vodpod videos no longer available.




Voting ends at 5 PM

Vote for our friend Kate, ya’ll. Voting ends at 5 PM. She’s the one in the slick sunglasses.

Even if you think MTV sucks, she’ll win a ton of money and get to compare her abs to The Situation on the red carpet.

Vote here

… They make you add an application and “like” something to vote, both of which you can undo afterwards. I still have them added and haven’t received any spam from them at all.

Better late than never..