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Ohio State: Red Bull Tum Tum Pa

So, some dudes from the OSU drumline have entered a video to the Red Bull Tum Tum Pa contest.  Basically it’s a freestyle drum competition where they could only use commercial teaching/office supplies. The top 5 participants from Amurka get sent to Brazil by Red Bull to compete in the World competition. This is where you all come in, watch the video and vote for them so these boys can go to Brazil.  I’ll be acting as manager in order to get a free ticket to the beach (doubt it) WATCH below and VOTE {HERE}, you can sort by entries or school name etc.



RIP Nate Dogg

Nate Dogg passed away today at age 41, RIP…

I always dug the Michael McDonald remix.


Hello All,

Something I’ve been waiting quite a while for has finally been announced.  There will be a new Fleet Foxes album released on May 3, as well as U.S. tour dates.  This is really the first new stuff they’ve released since 2008 unless you’re counting their side project White Antelope, which was basically FF to begin with.  Anyways, the title track “Helplessness Blues” is available for free download along with tour dates on their label Sub-Pop’s website [Here]. Enjoy….


Better Than Ice-Cream Vol. 71

For some reason I felt like doing a post today, maybe this will continue and I can get back in the mood to start posting again. Anyways, there are a few newish albums out from bands that you no doubt are already familiar with that are pretty good.  There’s also a couple albums out from bands that I haven’t really heard until a short while back.  So, first up… Belle & Sebastian‘s Write About Love came out in early October, it’s ok but to be honest I like The Boy With The Arab Strap for my B&S fix. Next is Lisbon, it’s the latest release from The Walkmen.  I don’t know how they do it, but they continue to get better with every album. Destroyer is an acquired taste for sure, but if you enjoy their previous albums, Destroyer’s Rubies will not disappoint. You can check out the previous post on Canadian bands for some background info on Destroyer. The Recording’s of The Middle East was released back in 2008, the album has a quietness to it that makes for a perfect non-distracting background album.  Not sure what to put now… how about The Bombay Bicycle Club, they just put out a new album last month titled Flaws.  Not sure about that one, but you should be able to get your hands on their previous release I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose.  Everyone probably already knows who The Temper Trap is but I like “Love Lost” from Conditions that was released back in Oct 2009 and figured I’d throw it in there for the hell of it.


The Walkmen, Lisbon: Woe Is Me

Destroyer, Destroyer’s Rubies: Your Blood

The Temper Trap, Conditions: Love Lost

The Bombay Bicycle Club, I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose: The Hill

Hello America, how are you?

I’m about 100% sure this is the most bad ass boat ever made.  It’s for sale and it’s in C-Bus. Someone needs to pony up the cash and put this eagle back on the water where she belongs…


Janelle Monae

I heard this for the first time last week, the video is pretty sweet.  The new album from Janelle titled ArchAndroid was released in May.  The whole album is good, you can check out the rest of it on her website. Plus she’s hot and I’m diggin the shoes in the video…



This is what I envisioned happening all summer, obviously without the Delorean soundtrack… RIP Grimers, I guess Grandview will have to do.