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So, yesterday Steve (The Griptkeeper) asked me if I’d do a few guest posts every once in a while for my website,, b/c he’s running low on time with “personal” problems. I guess I’m paraphrasing b/c I don’t think he said “problems” so much as “a job and kids” which may or may not be code for “crippling butt obsession” (as showcased by his last post over a month ago). I hope you’ll join me in hoping he one day recovers from his downward spiral of butt magazines and seclusion. In the meantime, though, you have me writing to you whenever I get the chance. The only problem is, I don’t really have much to say other than plugging my website, and you’ll kind of have to deal with that. I apologize in advance.

That said, we did do a game last night for The Big Lebowski, so we’ve got that going for us and now you do too. I know what you’re saying. You’re saying “man, I know it’s only 11am and I’m at work, but I really wish I had an excuse to down about 30 or 40 White Russians. Well, click on the image below for the full rule set and enjoy losing your job, family, and friends to your newly found addiction: alcoholism through movie drinking games.