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Better Than Ice Cream, Vol. 46 by Wes Keyes

Getting a post together today was more difficult than I thought. I changed my mind probably three times, and when I decided on what I was going to do, I couldn’t get some of the albums in time. I was listening to Snow Patrol the other day and it reminded me of the group/albums for today. In 2001, Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol had a drunken idea to form a “super group” with other U.K. musicians. He wrote an album then enlisted the help of everyone to record it. The Reindeer Section has over 15 musicians from just about the same number of bands. It is comprised of members from: Snow Patrol, Astrid, Mogwai, Arab Strap, Belle & Sebastian, Cadet, Teenage Fanclub, The Vaselines and others. They released two albums, their first titled Y’all Get Scared Now, Ya Hear! in 2001 followed by Son of Evil Reindeer in 2002. I guess these could fall under a Lost & Found post, but oh well.

While I enjoy the albums, it certainly doesn’t sound like 20 people. I always thought Snow Patrol sounded a lot like Better Than Ezra who actually has a new album out (I know I’ve listened to it, I’ll get around to posting it sooner or later). It’s a little slower and different than what they play with their individual bands and I highly doubt there is any sort of tour or new material coming out. Hope you enjoy the U.K. circa 2001.

The Reindeer Section – Grand Parade

The Reindeer Section – The Opening Taste

The Reindeer Section – Cartwheels


6 Month Exposure of Bristol, UK

One of the world’s longest exposures ever. For 6 months between the winter and summer solstice, Justin Quinnell left open his homemade pinhole camera. The lowest arc shows the first day of exposure on the winter solstice, the top curves were captured in the middle of summer. Here is what photographer Justin Quinnell had to say.

“I have always been fascinated with astronomy, its immense scales of space and time reaching far beyond comprehension within our own short instances on Earth.

The project was to record views of Bristol, with the sun trailing across the sky from the winter solstice (22nd December) to the summer solstice (the 20th of June).

The technique is not new. Several people are currently doing similar work. Paolo Gioli in Italy and Tarja Trygg in Finland are both experts in this area. I just wanted my hometown of Bristol to be imaged in this way.”

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