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10 Year Old Shredder!

Rene Serrano is only ten years old, but he’s already a professional skateboarder with sponsors. He’s been skating since he was three years old.


Cannonball: Documentary on Abandoned Pool Skating in Fresno

Some of them are full of black water. Others have become graveyards for old lawn furniture and rodent carcasses. They are shaped like jelly beans and manufactured by companies named Sunny Side and Champagne. Once upon a time, Fresno was the California Dream. Own a car. Own a house. Own a pool. Everyone wanted it and the wonderful world of credit made it all possible. But now, with the foreclosure monster running wild, the dream is dry. Thousands of pools are festering in the hot Central Valley sun. For most people this is tragic. But for some, it’s an opportunity.

Skate or die! Thanks to Molly for the link!


Circus Skateboarding

This is William Spencer and he’s got the most unique style I’ve ever seen. What he does is 1/2 skateboarding and 1/2 parkour. Yes, parkour is extremely gay, but this is different.

I still don’t understand how people skateboard without breaking an ankle every 2 weeks.

Stop Motion Skateboarding

I love finding videos like this floating around the Internet. My fascination with stop-motion videos continues to grow and I’m thinking about making a few of my own to get my feet wet.

The Best Way to Win a Gold Medal

steven Bradbury was Australia’s first gold medal. He was a national icon, and is still a household name years later.

The way that he won inspired a nation of slackers to dream that they could one day fulfill their dreams without trying all that hard or being the best at anything.

Last Day to Vote For Columbus’ Own OJ Hayes!

OJ Hayes is currently in second place and he needs one last final push to get him into first before the voting ends. Take 30 seconds out of your day and head to the site and vote!

Good luck!

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