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10 Year Old Shredder!

Rene Serrano is only ten years old, but he’s already a professional skateboarder with sponsors. He’s been skating since he was three years old.


How to NOT Skateboard

KILT EM!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to Ben for the video!

Longboarding the Bombay Hills in New Zealand

Dude at the end isn’t wearing any shoes!!!!

World’s Largest Skateboard Disaster


Circus Skateboarding

This is William Spencer and he’s got the most unique style I’ve ever seen. What he does is 1/2 skateboarding and 1/2 parkour. Yes, parkour is extremely gay, but this is different.

I still don’t understand how people skateboard without breaking an ankle every 2 weeks.

Stop Motion Skateboarding

I love finding videos like this floating around the Internet. My fascination with stop-motion videos continues to grow and I’m thinking about making a few of my own to get my feet wet.