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Bruni – Seniors


Designer Drugs @ Axis March 18th

This is a pretty big show for Columbus. Tickets are on sale now at {milk bar}.

Theres’ a bunch of mix links on their MySpace page.

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SWEATIN’ Every 3rd Thursday @ Axis

I would put all these mixes up but I’m running pretty low on hosting space…Sorry Scotty!


Basil in the Short North

[guest blog by Roberta Phi aka @theeroberta on Twitter]

I had heard the rumors a while back that a new Thai restaurant was opening up in the Short North and THE RUMORS ARE TRUE PEOPLE! Blink and you’ll miss it. I almost did since I can’t recall seeing any outdoor signage but it’s right next door to Surly Girl and so far, I’m totally digging it. Basil, located at 1124 N. High St, celebrated its grand opening the weekend of Holiday Hop and while I wasn’t there for all that hoopla, I did stop in for lunch last week and my wallet and I both left regret-free. For real. It’s December and I have better things to spend my money on like booze and more booze and, oh, presents and junk that has something to do with Xmas, but when I saw a sign for a $7.50 lunch special I thought, “what a bah-gain!” I looked at my friend Laura and said, “Hey Laura, let’s eat there.” And we did.

Should I say it? Yes, I should. It’s a great freaking deal, ladies and gents. Like most good Thai restaurants, it’s comparably priced with entrees in the $10-$15 range but if you’re hungry and you’re strapped for cash, at Basil your stomach will leave thinking you spent twice as much. I didn’t know what I was going to get for less than 8 bucks but was pretty stoked when i found out I got soup, an appetizer and a rice or noodle dish. I know, I know. You’re probably thinking “What the whaaat?!?” because I thought it too. Turns out, it’s not a dinky portion either – even I had to get a doggy bag and I am not shy about eating.

Naturally, I started with the soup. There’s only one on the lunch menu to choose from but it’s one done well so you might as well eat it. Tom Yum is a staple at Thai eateries and one of my all time favorites. I sometimes revert to my childhood eating habits (my mom made a similar soup but Vietnamese style) and order this clear brothed, lemongrassy deliciousness and ladle its straw mushrooms and shrimp over a small bowl of rice. The lunch variety doesn’t contain whole shrimp but hiding in its spicy, citrusy liquid hides tiny clumps of ground shrimp and crabmeat. Whammy! I’ve eaten a lot of Tom Yum soup but I’ve never had it like that. Good start for sure.

The appetizers I had to choose from were your standard appetizer-at-an-oriental-restaurant dealies. I skipped over the salads, spring roll and veggie tempura and chose the Crispy Roll because it sounded different and I patted myself on the back when it arrived because this stuff is like crack. This crispy rice wrap was stuffed full of ground chicken, vermicelli, egg and bean sprouts and deep fried (because everything is better when deep fried) and served with a dousing of Thai cuisine’s requisite crushed peanuts and a savory sweet vinaigrette splashed on top. Laura ordered the Crab Wonton and they were tons better than the usual triangle shaped air bubble with a pea sized lump of dried cream cheese and imitation flavored crab-stuff. These little envelopes were filled with creamy cream cheese and crab and contained green onions, which was a nice addition.

For my entree I chose Pad Thai and added tofu (you can get chicken, beef or pork as well; shrimp or squid will cost you an extra $2) because I had to see how it compared to the others I’ve eaten around town. I have to say, this was my least favorite part of the meal and I’ll choose something else like the Pad Se Ewe (soft, wide rice noodles in a brown sauce) or the spicy Tomato Beef fried rice the next time around. Maybe I’m ignorant but I always assumed that Pad Thai came with a lime wedge so I was a little bummed when I had to ask for some. I didn’t hate it but I didn’t love it either.

This special is limited to dine in only but don’t let that discourage you. The interior is luxe with its deep dark hardwood floors (I hear it’s the original flooring) and sagey colored walls so sit back in a booth and soak it all in. Our server was friendly and attentive, even if she did have hair that reminded me of Cheri Oteri’s from Liar Liar, and I can’t wait to go back to try some other items as well as to see what it looks like at night.

DJ Moxy – Prep School Drop-Out Mix

“Recorded this mix yesterday – been getting some killer feedback on it cuz it’s pretty different from my other mixes. It’s a promo mix geared toward my shows this month which are more rock/indie dance rock sort of sets…

I really appreciate your support of the cbus music scene!”

DJ Moxy – Prep School Drop-Out Mix

Check Moxy out!!!

December 12 –  JunctionView Studios Open House, 889 Williams Ave 43212 – dj/live set 9pm-12am
December 17 – Circus Bar – Annadroid Birthday Bash -dj set 9pm –
December 19 – Oldfield’s on High w/Pinebox & ZAS – dj/live set
December 31 – Ravari Room – dj set 1am-2.30am

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WORK Wednesday @ Bristol Bar

Rita’s O-Gee Photos

It’s been a loooooong time since I threw up pictures from O-Gee/Get Right/Whatever. Rita has been kind enough to send over the photos from last weekend at O-Gee. I’m pretty sure we’ll have these after every event she attends, so big ups to Rita!

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