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Fire in Central Texas


Congratulations Courtney!


It’s Friday… GET DOWN!

Get Marsified

I know some of you Grip Readers get that nostalgic feeling every time you see the old Mars x Jordan videos/shirts/advertisements. I remember those commercials like it was yesterday and I’m still waiting on my own pair of IV’s. Nike and Jordan have teamed up to let you Marsify yourself on the Nike website. The site allows you to use a webcam or existing photos and will export to Facebook, Twitter, and other sites. Thanks to Josh for the link!!!


More Photography from Steven Hamilton

So Steven left a bundle of pictures at my old house about 6 weeks ago. I finally got around to scanning them and I figured I would share them.

These were the days… MAYNARD

More pics under the cut… (more…)

Polaroid might be dead, but instant film is not.

In 1948 Polaroid introduced instant film to the world and photography was changed forever. Everything about the highly innovative product was exciting and new, especially for its time People used to wait days for their film to be developed, now they had the ability to create a photograph on the spot. Just like Andre 3000 said in Outkast’s hit song “Hey Ya,” they would “shake it like a Polaroid picture!” Shaking the photo became an iconic part of the instant film experience.

Everyone from your uncle to Andy Warhol was using the film. Polaroid was, and always will be, a legendary company in the world of photography. Unfortunately, after years of bad business and the rise of digital cameras, the company was forced to file for bankruptcy. Polaroid stopped selling cameras in 2007 and the production of film will end in December of 2009. Though some have created timeless memories using Polaroid instant film, readers should know that instant film doesn’t end with Polaroid. Meet Fuji Instax.

Since the departure of Polaroid from the instant film market left a serious void, Fuji released their own version. Fuji’s version features a wide format which is unique and slightly cheaper than Polaroid. The colors in this new instant film are crystal clear and the images are ultra crisp. If you want to relive the Polaroid experience, you can find the Fuji Instax 200 camera on eBay for around $70 and film for around $.75-$1.00 a picture. The camera itself is somewhat bulky but the pictures it produces are priceless.

Instant film still remains the quickest way to create a photo memory. Even with all the new-age digital cameras and the conveniences they have provided – Fuji has given our generation and those to come the chance to experience the fun when you “shake it, shake shake, shake it.”