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Last Photo

This was the last photo taken by Michio Hoshino, a nature photographer who specialized in Alaskan wildlife. He was killed by this brown bear in Russia on assignment in 1996.


A Mountain’s Ghost

Visit the top of Adam’s Peak in Sri Lanka and you’ll see a striking sight — at sunrise the mountain’s own shadow is caught in the morning mist before you.

“The shadow seemed to rise up and stand in front of us in the air,” wrote a correspondent to Nature in 1886, “with rainbow and spectral arms, and then to fall down suddenly to the earth as the bow disappeared.”

When Squirrels Attack

I know at least one person out there enjoys these animal videos as much as I do. Squirrels are like rainbows with tails. I love them.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Piranhas Strip a Duck to the Bone in Minutes

In less than a couple of minutes a pack of piranhas strip a duck to the bone. I almost turned my old 55 gallon tank into a piranha slaughterhouse but I was told they are boring ass fish so I decided against it. Part of me still wishes I hadn’t.

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Leaf Portraits

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Will Ferrell & Bear Grylls – Men vs. Wild

In the harsh arctic tundra of Sweden, Bear Grylls and Will Ferrell set out to conquer the wilderness… together. See if they make it out alive. This could be some amazing television. I will definitely have my DVR set. First show is June 2nd at 10 PM on Discovery.

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6 Month Exposure of Bristol, UK

One of the world’s longest exposures ever. For 6 months between the winter and summer solstice, Justin Quinnell left open his homemade pinhole camera. The lowest arc shows the first day of exposure on the winter solstice, the top curves were captured in the middle of summer. Here is what photographer Justin Quinnell had to say.

“I have always been fascinated with astronomy, its immense scales of space and time reaching far beyond comprehension within our own short instances on Earth.

The project was to record views of Bristol, with the sun trailing across the sky from the winter solstice (22nd December) to the summer solstice (the 20th of June).

The technique is not new. Several people are currently doing similar work. Paolo Gioli in Italy and Tarja Trygg in Finland are both experts in this area. I just wanted my hometown of Bristol to be imaged in this way.”

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