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KEN BLOCK’S GYMKHANA FIVE – 7 minutes ripping through the streets of San Francisco


Ken Block Gymkhana Part 2

I posted a similar video of Ken Block driving around an old abanodoned airfield a while back. That video was amazing, but this is even better. Skip to about the 1:10 for the good stuff. They rigged up some nice hi-def cameras and captured some great shots. I would have shit my pants about 4 different times during this sequence.

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Driver Rolls Rally Car Down Mountain, Survives

Indy racing does not impress me. Yes, they are going 200+ MPH in a circle, but those cars are glued to the track and they rarely cut loose. Rally car racing is by far the most impressive driving sport out there. Can you imagine ripping around those turns when you are 10-15 feet from plummeting down a mountain?

Unbelievable Driving Skills

Gets crazy around the 1:10 mark.

I would piss my pants if I was that guy on the Segway.

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