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May 21st Pinned Re-cap

I don’t have time to write much but the event was a blast. Lots of amazing bikes and cars, perfect weather, and ice cold beer. Can’t ask for much more. I’m putting all the videos are in HD so I suggest watching them in 720p.

There are a bunch more photos after the jump… click the link below.



Massive Eurocup Rally Crash

Those photographers definitely had a near death experience.

The Dukes of Holland

I wish I had enough disposable income to justify doing stuff like this. First thing I would do is try to ramp that nasty concrete bum couch next the Skully’s and then I would try to ramp over the pond in Goodale Park.

Winston the Bulldog vs. The Patrol Car

A Chattanooga Police officer, while running radar at 1410 Workman Road on Sunday night, had his patrol car attacked by a ferocious bulldog.

Officer Clayton Holmes said he had stopped to work on a report when he felt his car shaking. He got out to investigate and what he found was a bulldog chewing on his patrol car.

The dog chewed two tires and the entire front bumper off of the car.

This is for the ‘Burbans and the Cadillacs…


Only in Youngstown…

These rims were spotted holding up a G-Body in front of Mease’s Custom Car Accessories near Youngstown, Ohio.

Still kind of speechless. Those rims are actually bigger than the car. Thanks to Zazon for the pic!