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Ohio State: Red Bull Tum Tum Pa

So, some dudes from the OSU drumline have entered a video to the Red Bull Tum Tum Pa contest.  Basically it’s a freestyle drum competition where they could only use commercial teaching/office supplies. The top 5 participants from Amurka get sent to Brazil by Red Bull to compete in the World competition. This is where you all come in, watch the video and vote for them so these boys can go to Brazil.  I’ll be acting as manager in order to get a free ticket to the beach (doubt it) WATCH below and VOTE {HERE}, you can sort by entries or school name etc.




Hello All,

Something I’ve been waiting quite a while for has finally been announced.  There will be a new Fleet Foxes album released on May 3, as well as U.S. tour dates.  This is really the first new stuff they’ve released since 2008 unless you’re counting their side project White Antelope, which was basically FF to begin with.  Anyways, the title track “Helplessness Blues” is available for free download along with tour dates on their label Sub-Pop’s website [Here]. Enjoy….


Times New Viking-No Room To Live

Directed & Edited by Pelham Johnston and Brandon Reichard.

Produced by TNV and Johnston/Reichard.

Each frame printed from real video, then hand drawn, colored, or decorated and put back together.

Nearly 3,000 individual frames, completed by around 40 artists from Columbus, Ohio and elsewhere.

Buick Grand National

blow doors and panties off browe.


Cleveland Loses A True Hometown Hero: RIP Harvey Pekar

Harvey Pekar, author of the comic book series American Splendor, died Monday at the age of 70. He had been battling cancer and severe depression for many years. His stories, many of which were illustrated by R. Crumb, detailed the grim, day-to-day lives of ordinary working people. The way he wrote about the mundane drew  comparisons to such literary giants as Anton Chekov. R. Crumb said this about Mr. Pekar in 1994: “He’s the soul of Cleveland. He’s passionate and articulate. He’s grim. He’s Jewish. I appreciate the way he embraces all that darkness.”

Cleveland Post Obituary

Big Bang Big Boom: Another Insame Timelapse Piece from BLU:


Hello grip readers, this is Pelham Johnston.  I recently made a music video for the band Karate Coyote and it is in a contest to be in the new Michael Cera movie, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.  I need everyone to go vote before midnight tonight! Help us beat this generic L.A. emo band!  PLEEEEAAAASSSEEE!!!

Go vote for us at: