May cause dizziness, sexual nightmares, and sleep crime – The Best Movie Drinking Game Website in the World

Fellow Grip fans, this is Steve, the master of the Grip. No, this is not someone other than Steve (the Gripmaster) writing for him. Why would you even ask that?

Anyway, I was cruising the Google yesterday and, after several hours of tirelessly searching, buried on page number 230 of my google search for “movie drinking games,” I came across this site:

Now, I have no idea who these gods of drinking are, but it’s easily the best movie drinking game site I’ve ever seen. Might I suggest the following sequence of events to ensure your happiness and long (possibly short if you actually drink to one of these games) life?

  1. Go to
  2. Read through every single game. Do not stop, do not worry about being at work. If you are driving, do not worry about that either. If you’re a doctor and you’re delivering a baby, make sure is the first thing that baby ever sees.
  3. Share with every single person you know or don’t know. Your grandma would LOVE it.
  4. Gather your friends and choose a movie that you have or can find on Netflix or Hulu (you can use DC’s “Find This Movie” feature on the movie’s “Chug to This” page). Note: Alcoholics or the lonely may play by themselves.
  5. Play the game. Do not barf. Do not die.
  6. If you are still alive, drunkenly repeat step 3. If you are not alive, know that I, Steve, the Gripman, will pour one out for you next time I play the Road House drinking game.

For your viewing pleasure, here’s the afformentioned Road House Drinking Cinema Drinking Game.


One response

  1. Wow, what an awesome sight. I wish I’d found out about it earlier – just graduated a year ago and now I’m stuck in a job where I never have time to get plastered. Maybe I can find an easy-going game like “drink every time the main character in Driver actually talks.” Then I’d still be able to get up in the morning 🙂

    May 21, 2012 at 7:49 pm

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