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Support The Last Night At Chinatown Fair Documentary


Chinatown Fair stood its place at 8 Mott Street for over fifty years. It saw the rise and fall of Chinatown tongs, persisted through numerous wars and financial downturns, and outlasted most of its kind.

The arcade was the embodiment of its surroundings. Everyone felt welcome and was accepted. Not everyone came solely for the video games. The arcade was a dysfunctional harmony of noises and flickering light, an uproarious banter.

Arcade: The Last Night At Chinatown Fair documents the final week of New York City’s last arcade. The film follows the community of spirited gamers as they make their way from Manhattan’s Chinatown to their new home at Next Level in Brooklyn, an arcade started by Chinatown Fair’s former manager, Henry Cen.

100% of the proceeds from the sale of this limited-edition T-Shirt support the Chinatown Fair Documentary, a film from same team that brought you Out Of Place, the inspiring and unlikely story of surfing in Cleveland, Ohio.


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