May cause dizziness, sexual nightmares, and sleep crime

Boombox Parade Party

Jacoti Simmons (who unknowingly made an appearance on The Grip last year) is throwing a party in Columbus. Check it out!!!

Boombox Parade Party!

Cool!.. A what?

That’s the reaction I usually get when trying to explain this street performance to people.

The best way I can answer this question is with a couple of questions. Check ’em out after the jump.

Have you ever heard a boombox bumping down the street?

Have you ever heard a fleet of boomboxes coming at you in full force bumping the same song in perfect sync!?

Well come on down to the arena distrct and see how it’s done. “Strait Bustyle!” Heck, if you’ve got a boombox be in the parade! If you ain’t got no boombox join us anyway we’ll have one ready for you! It’s 2010 ya’ll! Let’s do something cool, lo-fi, hi-tech and mad fun! I know times is bad but they ain’t gotta be sad. When times are hard, go harder, be inspired, live unrestricted! Oh, and it’s not just a Boombox Parade Party! It’s also a documentary!

Boombox Parade Party is proudly brought to you by:

Cloudhaus- an artist collective dedicated to sparking creativity within the community. Making the creation and appreciation of art accessible while illustrating the endless possibilities of all arts.

The Beat Oracle- a radio program hosted by DJs, Kenny Lectro, Joseph Dematteo and Michel Beam. Airing on WCRS 98.3 Saturday nights from 6-8pm, The Beat Oracle features an eclectic mix of electronic music from Hip-Hop, Dubstep, Drum n’ Bass, to Electro and House! With dope tracks being spun from all over the world, each show is definitely worth hearing more than once!

Mynt Ultra Lounge- A great place to experience the latest in electronic dance music with a worldly vibe and great sound system. Enjoy a great mixed drink or a nice beer all without a pesky cover.

Jacoti Sommes- Co-creator of Hugs And Kisses, Ill Atmospherics and a forthcoming Envelope album. Being one to keep an ear out for, Jacoti always has something excitingand groundbreaking in the works.

We will gather at the I-670 overpass near Goodale Park at 11:30pm on September 4th. Shortly thereafter will parade though the Arena District In all our boombox glory down to Mynt Ultra Lounge where the party continues. There is even a complimentary boombox check area so you can party worry free of your precious boombox! Once again the entire event will be documented!

So come on down, get to know your city, get to know each other, all for the price of a good time.


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