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Help Kate get her dream job

————–Interrupting your normal broadcasting for a quick spammin’ session————–

My friend Kate Hutson (representing Columbus) is one of 20 contestants competing to be the next MTV TJ (Twitter jockey). If she wins, she’ll be the new face of MTV social media. MTV will move her out to New York City, she’ll have a $100,000 salary, interview celebs, and be on the red carpet for the VMAs. If you know Kate, this job was made for her. She’s a pop culture know-it-all and updates all her social media religiously.

It’s a series of online challenges to pick the winner, and today is the first challenge! The goal is to get a large increase in followers on Twitter. If you have a Twitter, go follow Kate and help her get her dream job.

So, just take a minute and help our friend get her dream job. She also promised she’ll try to get the Situation to guest blog on The Grip:

Follow Kate on Twitter <— most important! By midnight!

Vote for her on Facebook

Follow her on Tumblr if you have one



One response

  1. GOOOOOO KATE! woooo! If she wins I’m one step closer to having guido babies with The Situation!

    July 8, 2010 at 11:30 pm

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