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Bruni – Yea Yea


Sole Classics x Bruni – THE ILL TAPE

Shouts out to Sole Classics and Bruni for the mix! You can download it from either website or here.

A$AP Rocky – Goldie (NSFW)

Little Black Dress Event Video

Cristina Beavers and Ladybird joined up to throw one of the most fashionable nights in the city, LBD (Little Black Dress). With music provided by Cornelius Jackson and Bruni the party was a big success. Look out for a spring version of LBD!

Juicy J, 2 Chainz & Tha Joker – Zip & A Double Cup

Die Antwoord – Fok Julle Naaiers

SMASH TV – Skinemax

Skinemax is Koyaanisqatsi for a generation raised on late night television and B-movie VHS tapes. It’s long form entertainment for short attention spans. An hour long VJ odyssey, it will move your body and warp your mind.

A nostalgic look back at a half remembered childhood growing up in the 80s and early 90s, Skinemax takes a close look at the culture of that era. The images that motivated, delighted, and terrified us on the silver screen, set to propulsive modern music that pines for a simpler time.

ASAP Rocky – Live Love A$AP Mixtape


The Black Keys – Lonely Boy

First single of their upcoming album El Camino which is due December 6th.

RiFF RAFF SODMG – Jose Canseco

Shout out to R.

Radiohead – Lotus Flower

Brand new video off from their brand new album. It’s floating around on the internet.

Wiz Khalifa – Cabin Fever (Mixtape)

Brand new mixtape from Wiz Khalifa… I’ve been listening all morning and it gets an official Grip co-sign (which is pretty much worthless).


Kid Sister feat. Gucci Mane – Gucci Rag Top

Kid Sister feat. Gucci Mane – Gucci Rag Top (right click save-as to download)

Great Band Name

Duck Sauce – Barbra Streisand

Brand new video. Loving the track!!!

Kanye x Jay-Z x Nicki Minaj x Rick Ross x Bon Iver

One of those names is not like the other…

Kanye announced on Twitter that he is releasing a 5 track album with Jay-Z titled “Watch the Throne.” This is supposedly the second single from the album and I have no clue what/where the first one is. ENJOY.

Kanye West feat. Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj & Bon Iver – Monster

Waka Flocka – Luv Dem Gun Sounds


R. Kelly – When a Woman Loves

This is some classic Kells right here!!!

R. Kelly – When a Woman Loves

Keith Richards and Mick Jagger

Kanye West feat. Jay-Z – Power (REMIX)

Whooaaaaaaa not mad at all! The original wasn’t really doing it for me but I’ll be blaring this all weekend…

Kanye West feat. Jay-Z – Power (REMIX)


via Odes’ Blog

Beach House – D.A.R.L.I.N.G.

Stolen from Sam’s Facebook.

Justin Bieber Slowed Down Sounds Like Sigur Ros

Bieber Fever!!!!!!!!!!