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Guy pranks his friends with a wig made from his own (unknown to them) shaved-off hair… Amazing results



She’s Got a Point

Awesome Zimbabwe Street Puppet Dance

3 old ladies watch the Kardashian sex tape, hilarity ensues.

Golf Cart Goes Rogue, Takes Out Tons of People After NFL Game

Best Fails of 2011

Workers Lose Control of Concrete Buffer

“It is now blinded and mad.” That is when I lost it.

Ninja Squirrel Attacks Stoners

:D :D :D

Suq Madiq – Classic Colbert

Watching People Fall Never Gets Old

Even when it’s on purpose.

Funniest Air Disaster Ever

Never before have I so wanted Scottish friends

How to Always Win a Fight – The Beard Slap

Cat Attacks Balloon Cat

Teach Me How To Panda

Shouts to Bruno for the video.

Real Life Mario Kart

A bike lane running across Portland’s N. Williams Ave has been transformed into an IRL Mario Kart track by a fun-loving Stumphead who adorned it with the game’s signature bananas, mushrooms, and stars. Mario Kart and GoldenEye are still the 2 best multiplayer games of all-time.

Nigerian Scam Beta 1.0

28 Drinks Later

Nick Swardson (star of the funniest weed video on the planet) stars in a new parody of 28 Days/Weeks Later. A few Hollywood faces pop up in the video as well.

How to NOT Impress Your Girlfriend at a Baseball Game

Maybe if he was wearing his hat correctly the lights wouldn’t have been an issue. I love how the announcers immediately rip into him.

Douchy boyfriend, you will forever be known as “The Bailer.”

The Only Exercise Book You’ll Ever Need

I WANT: Martin Loofah

“I have a clean…”

Sales undoubtedly rose in February.


That’s One Tough Kid

What is the best 10 second video on YouTube?

Send ‘em on in. Here’s one I stumbled on today.