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KEN BLOCK’S GYMKHANA FIVE – 7 minutes ripping through the streets of San Francisco

January 2012 Wins/Fails

Quantum Levitation

Mountain Biker Nailed by Wild Animal!!!

High School Kids Kicks 64 Yard Field Goal

He could have nailed that from 70 yards!!

Fire in Central Texas

10 Year Old Shredder!

Rene Serrano is only ten years old, but he’s already a professional skateboarder with sponsors. He’s been skating since he was three years old.

NOT your typical supermarket bag guy…

It was hard to detect, but he actually slipped his phone number into one of those bags, like a boss.

Crazy Penalty Kick

Gravity is a real bitch sometimes.

From this day forward, every time I win at ANYTHING..I am going to break out THIS dance..

World’s Largest Skateboard Disaster

Flying Foot Launch

If I had a time machine I would go back in time and get the Wright Brothers and show them this video and watch them freak out and tell me “that can’t be real, it’s gotta be photoshopped.”

Solid Dog Impression

Sometimes you have to show people just how vicious the dogs were. Most people have no clue what one sounds like, so a good demonstration is good for everyone.

Gotta love that accent.

Broken Fingaz Stop Motion Graffiti

This video was obviously inspired by the two viral stop motion videos that blew up in the past year. I’m always impressed by these because I don’t have an artistic bone in my body.

Stop motion overload.

Optician Goes Crazy

Adam Plimmer, owner of King West Opticians, was accused of selling fake Gucci and Oakley glasses, operating without a license, and giving out bad prescriptions. A reporter lines up an interview with Plimmer only to be assaulted and hit with snowballs.


Not Photoshopped.

All it takes is one speck of pollen on the wind.

You breathe it in, you sneeze, game over. Dead body.

Meet Grits

Grits (a.k.a. The Bill-O-Matic, The Coventry Crusader, The Slasher, The Notorious U.B.G.) in action on January 24th at around 9PM in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Fighting crime, one punk at a time! He slices, he dices……

At about the 1-minute mark, notice how the song “Bad To The Bone” starts playing over the convenience store speakers, just before Grits goes to work. That’s not editing. That’s an awesome coincidence.

If you just want the good part, skip to the 1:30 mark. I’m pretty sure this is going to be Wes in about 10 years.

Craziest Hooligan Fight Ever (WARNING: Graphic)


This might be the toughest video I have ever seen. 12 on 12, shirts vs skins, no holds barred. Damn Russians are tough as hell. Like I said, some of the beatings are pretty graphic, so watch at your own risk.

Neil Dawson’s Horizons

This piece of art by Neil Dawson is called Horizons. It is located in New Zealand on “The Farm,” a large private art park owned by Alan Gibbs, a New Zealand businessman, entrepreneur, and art patron worth about $450 million dollars.

Fun Fact: If you can’t see the optical illusion you may have schizophrenia!

The Slingjaw Wrasse

The slingjaw wrasse gets its name from its highly protrusible jaws, which can extend out to over half the fish’s total body length. Unlike most other bony fishes, the lower jaw is not firmly attached to the skull. As a result, the slingjaw wrasse can project the upper and lower jaws simultaneously. This anatomical anomaly is employed to snatch shrimps, crabs and small fish out of narrow crevices and from between coral branches.


Sand Dune Backflipper


What we really need is the video of the first time he ever tried that.

I’m just gonna jog across the street while the light OOOOOHHHHH SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wife: Hi Honey, how was your day?

Man: The bus just missed me!

Wife: You mean you just missed the bus?


We Were Once a Fairy Tale: A Short film by Spike Jonze featuring Kanye West

I can’t imagine the kind of ego you’d have to have to hire Spike Jonze to make a film about it when you realize that you have a huge ego. Apparently he hired him to make a music video, and they ended up making this instead. The creative process can lead in many different directions. Perhaps this is a glimpse into Kanye’s psyche’ or maybe just Jonze’s interpretation of things. It’s a very powerful and, if Kanye’s portrayal of himself is accurate, a very sad short film.

Trampoline Master

Parkour sucks.

This is insane and I hope whatever show this is comes to Columbus.