May cause dizziness, sexual nightmares, and sleep crime


Bruni – Yea Yea


Sole Classics x Bruni – THE ILL TAPE

Shouts out to Sole Classics and Bruni for the mix! You can download it from either website or here.

Little Black Dress Event Video

Cristina Beavers and Ladybird joined up to throw one of the most fashionable nights in the city, LBD (Little Black Dress). With music provided by Cornelius Jackson and Bruni the party was a big success. Look out for a spring version of LBD!

P. Blackk – Bussin Rhymes II Video

Peep the cameo from Bruni aka Trap Jesus aka Trap Ya Favorite DJ.

Hilltop on New Years Eve 2011/2012 – Gunshots Gallore

Gets CRAZY around the 3-4 minute mark.

Homage Holiday Haul

Customer Requests Zach’s Cell Phone From Saved By The Bell… Homage Delivers

The Black Keys – Lonely Boy

First single of their upcoming album El Camino which is due December 6th.

Trauma Oct. 27th and Nov. 4th!!!



Freaky Franz – Freaky Tales Mixtape




Bruni – Seniors

Candle With a Cause Ride July 31st

Candle with a Cause has been fortunate enough to partner with Pelotonia for our next edition of candles and we will be hosting a FUN-draising ride in support of this great cause.
Registration is just $5 online (​​iser) or $10 at the event. Helmets and lights are HEAVILY encouraged and in keeping with the theme of Pelotonia, GREY and RIDICULOUSLY BRIGHT GREEN clothing is also HEAVILY encouraged. In fact the best and/or worst dressed person will win a special prize at the end of the ride!

All registered riders will be entered into the CWACR RAFFLE for a chance to win:
1. Dinner in the Arena District and two free movie tickets to the Arena Grand Movie Theatre
2. A State Line Ohio t-shirt (
3. 6-pack of formula AM
4. 4-pack of Rockmill Brewery gourmet beer (​/brews.php)
5. 3-pack of Candle with a Cause candles (
6. $20 gift certificate at Milk Bar clothing boutique

7. ***GRAND PRIZE: BRAND NEW KHS FLITE 220 ROAD BIKE from Revolution Cycles (***

Additional raffle tickets can also be purchased at the event (two for $5 or five for $10) or online (​ This is a rolling raffle which means you can WIN MULTIPLE PRIZES.

YOU’LL ALSO RECEIVE with your registration:
– A FREE piece of PIZZA at Mikey’s Late Night Slice
– A complimentary bicycle wash
– Drink specials at Little Palace for the CWACR AFTER PARTY
– A high five from every member of the Candle with a Cause team

The route: We’ll start off at Junior’s Tacos on 5th Ave with music provided by three time Grammy Award winning DJ, Raj Chimanji. From there we’ll cruise down scenic Neil Ave and the beautiful Olentangy Trail before making a stop at the newly completed Scioto Mile. Then it’s back north to top things off at Mikey’s Late Night Slice to enjoy some delicious pizza and mind-blowing beats provided by world renowned producer, DJ Bruno D.

May 21st Pinned Re-cap

I don’t have time to write much but the event was a blast. Lots of amazing bikes and cars, perfect weather, and ice cold beer. Can’t ask for much more. I’m putting all the videos are in HD so I suggest watching them in 720p.

There are a bunch more photos after the jump… click the link below.


Ohio State: Red Bull Tum Tum Pa

So, some dudes from the OSU drumline have entered a video to the Red Bull Tum Tum Pa contest.  Basically it’s a freestyle drum competition where they could only use commercial teaching/office supplies. The top 5 participants from Amurka get sent to Brazil by Red Bull to compete in the World competition. This is where you all come in, watch the video and vote for them so these boys can go to Brazil.  I’ll be acting as manager in order to get a free ticket to the beach (doubt it) WATCH below and VOTE {HERE}, you can sort by entries or school name etc.


Times New Viking-No Room To Live

Directed & Edited by Pelham Johnston and Brandon Reichard.

Produced by TNV and Johnston/Reichard.

Each frame printed from real video, then hand drawn, colored, or decorated and put back together.

Nearly 3,000 individual frames, completed by around 40 artists from Columbus, Ohio and elsewhere.

Police Cruiser Cam Records Horrific 100 MPH Crash

Have you ever wondered what it’d look like if you were driving down the freeway and, suddenly, a car zoomed by you at 100 MPH before crashing in the most horrific way possible? Find out by watching the video inside.

19-year-old Mason, OH resident Brennan Eden was flying down I-675 in his Pontiac Firebird when he lost control of the car and crashed into a guardrail, causing his vehicle to become airborne and slam into an overpass. The dramatic collision was captured by an Ohio State Highway Patrol cruiser cam.

Eden is said to be in critical condition and is presently undergoing surgery. The cause of the crash has yet to be determined.


Boombox Parade Party

Jacoti Simmons (who unknowingly made an appearance on The Grip last year) is throwing a party in Columbus. Check it out!!!

Boombox Parade Party!

Cool!.. A what?

That’s the reaction I usually get when trying to explain this street performance to people.

The best way I can answer this question is with a couple of questions. Check ‘em out after the jump. (more…)

Kilt ‘Em!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Voting ends at 5 PM

Vote for our friend Kate, ya’ll. Voting ends at 5 PM. She’s the one in the slick sunglasses.

Even if you think MTV sucks, she’ll win a ton of money and get to compare her abs to The Situation on the red carpet.

Vote here

… They make you add an application and “like” something to vote, both of which you can undo afterwards. I still have them added and haven’t received any spam from them at all.

Columbus T-Shirt Co-op Gallery Show This Saturday

Before launching the Columbus T-shirt Co-op they will be featuring some of their favorites favorites in a gallery/fashion show. If you love vintage t-shirts, music, and good people, you’ll want to check out this event.

Help Kate get her dream job

————–Interrupting your normal broadcasting for a quick spammin’ session————–

My friend Kate Hutson (representing Columbus) is one of 20 contestants competing to be the next MTV TJ (Twitter jockey). If she wins, she’ll be the new face of MTV social media. MTV will move her out to New York City, she’ll have a $100,000 salary, interview celebs, and be on the red carpet for the VMAs. If you know Kate, this job was made for her. She’s a pop culture know-it-all and updates all her social media religiously.

It’s a series of online challenges to pick the winner, and today is the first challenge! The goal is to get a large increase in followers on Twitter. If you have a Twitter, go follow Kate and help her get her dream job.

So, just take a minute and help our friend get her dream job. She also promised she’ll try to get the Situation to guest blog on The Grip:

Follow Kate on Twitter <— most important! By midnight!

Vote for her on Facebook

Follow her on Tumblr if you have one


Fly Union – Value Pack 5

Columbus natives Fly Union releases Value Pack 5 on the world. Track 2 (We Out) has been in heavy rotation over the holiday weekend. Jerreau kills this track. Check it out below and click here to download #VP5.

Fly Union – We Out